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Write Teeline Shorthand

        Learn to write using the Teeline system of shorthand

Write Teeline Shorthand, Part One. 

Learn Teeline shorthand quickly and easily. It is a fantastic skill to have, especially useful for secretaries, PAs, students and journalists who deal with lots of information and require good accurate note-taking. Teeline is particularly handy for taking notes of lectures, dictation or messages, minutes of meetings, interviews where tape-recording is not possible or for confidential note-taking.

Write Teeline Shorthand includes everything you need to become competent at writing shorthand, whether you are a complete beginner or want to refresh your skills.

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Write Teeline Shorthand
Part One

Write Teeline Shorthand Faster!

Covers theory and will take
you to 30 - 40wpm

Helps you build your speed
to 80-
100wpm or even faster!

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Once you have worked through the course and the exercises you will understand the theory and be able to write Teeline at around 30 to 40 words per minute. 


Your Part One study pack consists of the following:


2 CDs which provide full instruction and lead you through the lessons on the course and guide you through the textbooks and your Workbook
2 Textbooks – Teeline Fast which provides the theory and which you will use intensively throughout the course in conjunction with the CDs and Teeline Gold which is a word list to build your vocabulary.
1 Workbook containing all the exercises that you will be asked to complete with the Model Answers to these
3 Video sessions accessed through this web site with your student login

Write Teeline Shorthand Study Pack

The next step is to write faster.  A workable speed to aim for is 80 – 100wpm and if you want to continue you can move on to Part Two – Write Teeline Shorthand, Faster! which focuses purely on practice and techniques to get you writing accurately and quickly. However let’s get you through Part One first. 


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