Write Teeline Shorthand     

Learn to write using the Teeline system of shorthand


Part One: Write Teeline Shorthand 
      Covers theory and will take you to 30 - 40wpm

Write Teeline Shorthand includes everything you need to become competent at writing shorthand, whether you are a complete beginner or want to refresh your skills.

Your Part One study pack consists of the following:

2 CDs which provide full instruction and lead you through the lessons on the course and guide you through the textbooks and your Workbook
2 Textbooks – Teeline Fast which provides the theory and which you will use intensively throughout the course in conjunction with the CDs and Teeline Gold which is a word list to build your vocabulary.
1 Workbook containing all the exercises that you will be asked to complete with the Model Answers to these
3 Video sessions accessed through this web site with your student login

Write Teeline Shorthand Support

As well as the Study Package contained in Write Teeline Shorthand, Part One we have some other options that will help you to your goal in learning to write fast Teeline shorthand.

Optional Support for Write Teeline Shorthand, Part One

If you want a little more support then here are several options you might like to take.  

  Email Support Line – useful to discuss any points you truly don’t understand, study queries or a must for encouragement and moral support.  Your emails will be answered within 48 hours at the latest and probably much sooner.  This is provided on a subscription basis for £20 per month for a minimum
of 3 months.

  One-to-one Skype tutorials – these can help you clear up immediately any points of theory or give you motivation and encouragement by discussing your progress.  If you like a little company when you study these sessions provide your personal coach.  Skype tutorials can be pre-booked in 15 minute slots: £40 per session

 Certificate of Competence – you’ve worked hard to reach the end of the course and put in some good practice so if you want to test your level, we will provide an assessment which we can independently mark and provide you with a Certificate of Competence to prove your skills.  This is a useful addition to your CV and may be required by your employer – especially if your employer is paying your course fees! 
 Bookable at the end of your course: £39 for the exam and your certificate

      Book all of the above to include: 3 months’ email support, 3 one-to-one Skype tutorials
and your end of course assessment for a monthly subscription of £60 per month.


  Part Two: Write Teeline Shorthand, faster!
      Helps you build your speed to 80-100wpm or even faster!

Once you have mastered the theory, all it takes is a reminder of good techniques and practice in taking dictation to build speed levels and gain confidence in using your shorthand.

Part Two gives you many hours of practice tapes online and also encourages you to use different techniques to build your speed.  We suggest that 80 – 100wpm is a good workable speed and perfectly possible to attain with the amount of material in this course – and your continued efforts on your study plan of course.

  Monthly subscription of £60 per month or upfront payment of £199


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